So what is Zed exactly?


What we are building is kind of hard to describe. We say things like – it’s a building full of immersive and interactive art. It’s made of spaces and objects that invoke wonder, curiosity, and the desire to touch or listen or jump up and down. But if you have never seen anything like this, that might not be enough. We say things like – the theme is collective lucid dreaming – but that could be so many things. If you are an artist contemplating a proposal, you might want more to hang your hat on.

So we have put together some pinterest boards to give examples, some direction for your imagination to wander. This is not meant to limit you, just show you things out in the world that are sort of related. There are other immersive spaces here, famous dream lands to meditate on, fine art installations, cool playgrounds and science museums, strange architecture, and general weirdness. Hope it sparks something!