The mission of Zed:

To generate “the highest quality fun, artistic, innovative experience for our customers, and support the artists delivering that experience.”

Download the proposal application here:

Artists’ Guidelines

What we are looking for

The key words to keep in mind when imagining your installation are immersive and interactive. We want spaces and objects that will invoke wonder, curiosity, and the desire to touch or listen or jump up and down. Think of installations that take up a whole room or are as small as a shoebox; something wall mounted, or something that is free standing.

Dream it up

To give the many different parts of Zed a cohesive purpose and direction, there is a back story, a narrative to the Zed experience. However, it’s important that the museum can be easily enjoyed without knowing anything about that story. Our hope is that customers will keep coming back to discover more.

Artists are encouraged to engage with the narrative but it is not required. An in-depth version will be made available to the artists once they are hired or commissioned. The essence of the theme is collective lucid dreaming, and installations should reflect a dream world wherever possible.

Think BIG, think small, think about the journey

We have about 9K square feet for art and want to have a variety of sizes of work throughout. For simplicity’s sake we’ve divided it up into 23 zones of about 10′ x 10′ x 10′ high, with a few larger and many smaller nooks and crannies. Design your piece to fit within those parameters. It can also be 2 dimensional i.e. murals or wall art of varying sizes.

Remember the audience is moving through this space. Consider sequential experiences, passageways, variations in elevation and depth. Additionally, many walls will be curved.

For larger pieces, please design modular elements for ease of installations and load in (load in access has 10′ clearance). We will have some outdoor art space as well. If you work much smaller (dioramas for example), don’t let these square footage scare you. We want to fill all the nooks.

We encourage artists to stretch their comfort zone and try something beyond what they’ve done before.

Proposals: Hands-on Materials

There are only two limits on the materials you can use – no flames and nothing that gives off fumes. That said, we expect steady streams of excited guests to flow through Zed daily. Your work must be designed to stand up to that. Durability and/or ease of replacement is important. Carefully consider the maintenance needs of your piece. Ephemeral work proposals are welcome but must include detailed notes on how the piece will be kept up. We encourage work that uses appealing tactile aspects, as well as light, sound and immersive technologies like video mapping and VR.

If you feel that you will need assistance with the technical aspects of your piece, please include this in your proposal. We will have a tech team available for this.


We anticipate a start date in fall 2018 with a completion date in early January 2019. Applications will be accepted in an ongoing basis, but we expect to fill our allotted spaces quickly, so sooner is better.

We will start reviewing the proposals on October 1, 2018

First notifications will be made on or before October 15, 2018

For those selected, there will be a walk-through of the space so you will have time for modifications. We are subject to fire codes and ADA regulation and this may impact your design. We may ask you to clarify, answer questions or present more information before that.

Due to this aggressive deadline, we will prioritize projects that can be completed in 30 to 60 days.


We believe strongly in paying artists well for their work. It’s in our mission. That said, we have a set pre-opening art budget of $150K. This will cover artist fees (see below), art materials, and the art, tech and fabrication team costs.

You will set your own artist fee but this may not be what is offered if the work is accepted. Material costs will be distinct and paid separately but any outside vendors you chose to employ will come out of the artist fee. Groups of artists applying together will split the fee.

Scale and quality will factor into what is offered. Fees will be determined on a case by case basis. The space as well as the budget is something of a jigsaw puzzle. Once the artist and Zed have agreed upon the offer, contracts will be put in place as soon as possible so you can get to work.

Estimated materials costs will be paid upon the signing of contract. Materials receipts will be due and settlement of any difference will be made upon installation of the work.


Each artist fee will be paid in two parts. A deposit of at least 1/3 of the whole will be offered upon acceptance of the proposal. The remainder will be paid after the museum opens and revenues start coming in. When that will be cannot be determined yet.

For example: your project has $250 of materials costs and your artist fee is $750. Upon acceptance of the proposal Zed will pay you $250 for materials, plus 250 (1/3 of the artist fee). After we open (early 2019) and revenues are sufficient, we pay you the other 2/3rd of the artist fee, $500.


Please note that Zed will not have artist identification located next to the art works. In keeping with the high value we put on collaboration, and to help create a seamless experience for the customers, we are not spotlighting individual objects and installations in the usual museum style. Artists will be identified and celebrated on the website, in printed materials and on a wall in the lobby.